Top 10 places you shouldn’t miss out while visiting LONAVALA

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If you are planning to visit Lonavala for the weekend, please do come and visit! It won’t disappoint you. Lonavala has multiple tourist spots to well spend your holiday ranging from adventure to spiritual, from historic to entertainment.

Today we will explore the top 10 places in & around Lonavala which you can explore in your stay time. And as there are multiple places to visit you will need at least 22 days if you want to explore all the locations peacefully. along with nature and tourist spots, there are multiple accommodation options available for your comfortable stay. You can take bungalow on rent in Lonavala or book a room as required.


Lonavala is the city of “Green Valleys” in a western Maharashtra near Mumbai situated 2,047ft. above from the sea level. A hill station for an out surrounded by green valleys. Karla and Bhaje Caves are the ancient ones. Lonavala itself is the beauty of nature, a romantic place you shouldn’t miss out to visit with your family, loved ones or with your friends. 

Great features of this city are magnetizing for anyone who is fond of nature or fond of travel. Western Maharashtra is well known by the name of Lonavala because of these reasons:

  • The salubrious climate of the place

(NaturalWeather: 26 °C, Wind W at 10 km/h, 69% Humidity)

  • Natural Exquisiteness 
  • Ancient Forts and Caves
  •  Astonishing Lakes


Let’s start the countdown of the amazing places which will drive you crazy and will make you mad in love with the place to visit, to connect with nature, to make your adventurous weekend.



Outskirts of Lonavala are sourced by the Indrayani river, called Lonavala Lake. It is 64km from Pune and 94km from Mumbai. The best mesmerizing tourist place especially in the season of monsoon you will be able to see the different species of birds. Exciting weather you can get mesmerized with the savory food items like Vada Pav, Chaat, Smoked Corn, and with the chilling Gola and Hot Ginger Tea and many more. 


Bhushi Dam is the oldest masonry dam. It is located on I.N.S Shivaji Road. In 2014, Indian Railways announced this place as a tourist destination. It is a worthwhile place to visit. Bhushi dam has scenic hills, warm sunshine, picnic spot and absolutely the eye-catchy place for an exciting photoshoot with family, friends and loved ones. Swimming is restricted for the safety purpose of the tourists here but you can splash water by sitting on the stone steps. You’ll be privileged by the many food stalls to enjoy the scene in solo, or with a group.


Karla Caves also called Karla Cell is a complex ancient Buddhist rock-cut caves shrines in India situated at Karli near Lonavala, Maharashtra. It is almost 2000 years ago. This beautiful place symbolizes the epic history of the Buddhist culture by special carvings on the pillars at the entrance of the caves and has an extensive collection of Chaityas (halls) and Viharas (monasteries). This place is under the Archaeological Survey of India. The most amazing thing about this place is that you can witness the historic spot of trade towards the east from the Arabian Sea into the Deccan.


Rajmachi fort is one of the historic hills with rough and rugged hills of Sahyadri mountains. It dwells with the twin fortresses Shrivardhan Balekilla and Manaranjan Balekilla. The best one day trip near Mumbai and Pune with family, and friends. This place is famous for trekking a popular destination for nature lovers. It involves the lush green mountains, deep valleys, manifold waterfalls, various trails and a lot. You can also see the village life with a water reservoir, plateaus. 


Tikona fort also known in Marathi as Vintadgan situated in Maval in western Maharashtra. This fort stands tall along green hillocks of Sahyadri. It has large door gateways, seven water tanks and once it was also the pride of the Maratha Empire. Currently, it is protected by a local organization called Shivdurg Sanvardhan. It is the blending mixture of glorious stories + beautiful and magnifying landscapes and seascapes for both photographic and nature lovers.


Visapur fort is situated near Visapur village. This Place is nestled between the green lush plateau 1,084m above the sea level. This is a majestic fort to visit for all nature, photographic and trekking lovers. It’s near Mumbai and Pune. During monsoon, you’ll see nature’s greenery a little bit slippery with a well-defined route and the foggy atmosphere, rainfalls will attract you the most to visit. This Visapur fort was built by twins of the Lohagad Fort. 


Tiger’s Leap ranked first in a position to visit here in Lonavala. This is called as Tiger’s leap in the resemblance of the tiger leaping valley. It’s a beautiful and soothing valley with a clifftop with a sheer drop of over 650m. This is the major tourist attraction in the city of wow called Lonavala. You’ll find an echo point on the top of this Tiger Leap you’ll get fascinated about. It is also known as Waghdari with a small waterfall nearby which can only be seen during the time of monsoon. This place is gifted by nature’s lush greenery, waterfalls, and lakes around. You can enjoy your worthy weekends with your family, friends, and lovers by making this place as their destination point.


Della’s Adventure Park is the most thrilling and India’s largest adventure park with 50+ activities to do situated in Kunegaon.  This place covers the 5 acres with a great discount price to enjoy and do all types of adventure’s activities like:

Aqua Zorbing, Water Zorbing, Rocket Zorbing, RC Cars, Mountain Cycling, Bumper Boat and much more fun to do and to spend a great time from your busy weeks. Must visit the place with your family and friends to give the best glimpse of your life memories.


Imagica theme park is similar to the perfect destination to spot in the Lonavala to enjoy with family and friends in the top list of enjoyment situated in Mumbai-Pune express highway 30/31, Sangdewadi, Pali-Khopoli road. It’s a great holiday destination to book your tickets for. It has multiple themes included in it like Theme Park, Water Park, Snow Park, House of stars, Hotel Novotel Imagica, Eyelusion, Glowmagica. It’s a place to explore for everyone of every age.


Lohagad Fort is a UNESCO world heritage situated in the northwest of Pune 52km away from Pune. It is perched near the Malavali hill. Lohagad Fort is an amalgam of ancient history and nature’s beauty and a thrilling trekking place connected to twins Visapur Fort for nature’s lovers and trekking lovers. You can also find the big ponds of water of attraction. Also, Vinchu Kata is a mini-adventure you’ll find nearby this fort.

So, What are you waiting for when the amazing places of Lonavala are waiting for your new destination points, new adventures of your life, a new photographic destination with the people you want to go with. Likewise, many more places are here to explore your vacation on weekends.